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Mar. 2nd, 2008


Fatal Attraction? - Glib Beat Corona Spectacular - Issue One

Corona Island
Feb 26

Have we got a story for you!

Actors are flocking to the island, all hoping for a chance at becoming famous...  but this actor is also hoping to start a harem.

Sources and spies have seen this actor with several young woman, one just out of high school!

Who is this dashing heartbreaker?

Dave Miles.  You may not know his name yet, but with the way he's been seducing and bedding young starlets, everyone will know his name soon. 

Who is Dave, you ask? He was a drifter until a few years ago, when he met a young runaway.  He forced the young woman into becoming a stripper (some say prostitute!), and used her money to buy a home and a car.   He came to Corona Island, only after throwing a very wild and large party.  The police were called to break up the party, and the fire department was called to extinguish a fire.  A warrant was issued for Dave, because underage children were drinking and using drugs.  Dave managed to pay off the proper people, so he got away with it, and his record was cleaned.

Once on the island, he took no time in seducing a few of the young, impressionable actresses.  His latest young catch has had a few lovers of her own- but he might prove to be a match for her!

Sources say this recent high school grad is expecting a baby.  If it's his, she can say goodbye to her career!  Rumor has it, that Dave is a member of the Corona Island Mafia.  Even if she is destined to be a big star, he can make her disappear.

Next Article - Exclusive interview with Merideth Rowan (Let's hope she gets pissed at Dave before he conquers another young actress)6

Feb. 27th, 2008


Glib Beat - Issue 3, Volume 1

Corona City
Feb 26

Meredith Rowan is a total diva, our sources have revealed!

She was seen musculing her way past Judith Lee on Tuesday, at Rikman's.  She pushed the aspiring young starlet aside, and started chatting up the clerk (who is only a teenager!) Also in the drug store (which has become a hotspot for celeb activity), was Sherry Marchese and Matthew Grey.

Rumors have it that Sherry was buying a pregnancy test!  If that's the case, we're sure that her lovers will be lined up around the corner for a DNA test! Matthew Grey didn't seem to have a problem with her (of course, he was picking up meds.)  They spoke with each other, and left within moments of each other.

Speaking of her lovers, Valentine Varner was seen shopping for new clothing...  I guess he's getting a new wardrobe while he searches for Miss Right.  Watch out ladies, he might be looking for you!

What's the best way to get a role in the upcoming productions?  Just ask the cast at ALT talent.  They've been seen cozying up to some of the agents, hoping to be picked up by someone. 

Keep Hikaru Takhashi and Dave Miles away from each other!  Hikaru, talking about his native Japan, was getting business tips from Dave.  From what I've read- if the two of them get together in business, we might have our very own Corona Island  mafia!

Rounding out the celeb report,a sweaty and grunfy Nica Marchese was seen leaving Hank's Gym.  I guess you can't keep your looks perfect while toning your body for a good role!

See you next issue!

Feb. 19th, 2008


Blind Item Feast - Enjoy!

Corona Island
February 19

One of Corona Island's stars was seen in Rikmen's buying anti-depressants.  Sources say that this attractive young man has been conflicted recently, and can't deal with everything that's happening to him right now.  He's fragile, and recent developments have left him in a constant daze.

What starlet has just arrived on the island?  Hint, all of the really young stars better watch out for this cougar!  She's stunning as always, or course, and we'll keep an eye on her.

Our favorite teen drama star is heartbroken!  Her agency won't allow her to continue dating her handsome younger co-star.  Looks like she'll have to find another way to get roles.

This shark out of water has no trouble finding fresh meat to sink her jaws into.  She was seen cozying up to at  least two men AFTER her lover broke her heart. 

Young and sophisticed, this starlet is trying to move on, but meeting heartbreak at every corner.  We all want her to know that we're rooting for her.

Exotic, tall and dreamy... but a nutcase.  Watch out for this international wanna-be heart throb.

What's that?  New TV shows in production?  Only time will tell!

Next week -

Family Secrets That Destroy

Feb. 8th, 2008


Shooting Stars on Corona Island

Corona Island
Glib Beat Staff Writer

They came to Corona Island a short while ago to become stars, and already, fame is changing them.

Once as close as sisters, these two cousins soon were involved in a dangerous love triangle, that may lead to an early death for one of them. 

Photos reveal that two of 4-d studios newest stars are already bickering over a co-star.  Nica and Sherry Marchese (Direct descendants of Jacqueline Pearson-Marchese), were seen trying to drown each other at the beach.

Why were these two girls attempting to drown each other?  It was over an attractive, young star, whom they both called Valentine.  He's a bookish heart throb, certain to be a teen idol one day soon.

Valentine didn't want the two girls fighting over him, and he called them both to sit with him.  He and Sherry shared an adorable, intimate moment, while Nica plotted her revenge on the couple.

Nica dated Valentine before he met Sherry, and was angry when she realized that Valentine was going to dump her for Sherry.  She still tries to be friends with them, but she's plotting to win back the heart of the young star.

Nica is a fashion savvy, sophisticated young woman, and hates herself for being reduced to fighting with someone she loves.  Sherry, however, is a tall young woman, fresh out of High School.  She doesn't understand that she's broken her cousins heart.

Young Valentine, the heart throb in the middle of this, has no idea what to do.  He cares about both young woman, and he struggles to keep the peace between them.

Nica and Sherry share a humble apartment, and the tension between the two of them is thick and deep now.  The pair, can not be in the apartment at the same time.  They've even gone as far as to label food.

Let's all hope that these shooting stars work things out.  We all want to see them at the awards ceremony this fall!

(Attached photos show Nica and Sherry in the water, Sherry and Val talking, Val with a book, and Nica looking off into the distance.  Other photos show something in a fridge labeled 'Sherry')